1: Start with WHY

Forget WHAT you do or HOW you do it, the most important question you need to ask yourself is WHY you do it? Your journey towards being a Remarkable brand starts right there. If you’ve missed this crucial bit, go back and figure it out.

Twitter: Forget WHAT you do or HOW you do it, the most important question you need to ask is WHY you do it? #BeRemarkable

2: Reach beyond the stars

The stars are just your starting point. Good brands have a clearly articulated Vision, Remarkable brands have a Galactic one. Build your rocket and ‘put a dent in the universe’. As Jim Collins said “Good is the enemy of great”

Twitter: Good brands have a clearly articulated vision, Remarkable brands have a Galactic one. Go build your rocket and have some fun #BeRemarkable

3: Be fanatically focused

Don’t make the mistake of casting your Remarkable business idea to the masses just yet. You need to get this baby air born and that requires real focus and the ability to say NO, when everyone else is telling you to say YES. The best advice comes from Simon Sinek; “Find the people who believe what you believe”.

Twitter: Being Remarkable means having the guts to say NO when those around u say YES. Focus. Find the peeps who believe what u believe #BeRemarkable

4: Be a thought leader

Leadership isn’t just about being able to call on superior reach and resources. Power isn’t just about domination in the external world out there – it’s about domination in the internal world of ideas. We can’t all be market leaders so be a thought leader instead.

Twitter: We can’t all b mkt leaders so b a thought leader instead. The real battle is in the mind of ur customers. Dominate with ideas #BeRemarkable

 5: Jump on your brand wagon

Every Remarkable business needs a jump-start and there is no better way to accelerate your ideas, cause or movement than to identify the mega-trends that surround your category and use them to speed you on your journey.

Twitter: Jump-start your Remarkable business by leveraging the mega trends that surround your category. #BeRemarkable

6: Measure the truth

How do you know whether the core purpose that defines your Remarkable brand is the real reason why you are being successful? Sure you might be making profit but how do you measure the real value of your WHY?  Remarkable brands don’t just look at ‘profit-per-employee’ or ‘profit-per-square foot’, they look at measuring the truth behind their success.

Twitter: Remarkable brands have a truth indicator. It measures the impact of their WHY. Have you got one? #BeRemarkable

7: Be Crazy different

With so much noise in every category from printers to luxury goods being different just doesn’t cut it anymore. Remarkable brands find a way to be Crazy different. That doesn’t mean you have to dress up naked and run down the  street. It means exploring unconventional and disruptive ways that are true to your WHY and can set you apart from the crowd.

Twitter: Every good brand finds ways to be different. The Remarkable ones find ways to be Crazy different. Crazy wins. #BeRemarkable

8: Build an army

Your greatest assets in the customer powered social era are your team of loyal employees. They need to be as fanatical about your WHY as you are. They need to be ready to sweat blood and tears for the cause, not because it’s going to lead to extra pay in their monthly salary (not just yet), but because they absolutely believe in the Galactic Vision you’ve created. They are your Remarkable army, treat them well.

Twitter: Your employees need 2b the frontline of your brand. They need 2b motivated by your reason WHY. They are your Remarkable army #BeRemarkable

9: Win the popularity contest

Winning fans and customers in The Crazy Age is a true endorsement of your Remarkable business. The tricky bit is finding them, winning their hearts and minds and motivating them to spread the word. You have every tool at your disposal; social media, brand identity, email, sales promotion bla, bla, bla. Being smarter than the rest of the market is your biggest challenge. Remember, this is not just a talent contest (i.e. my product is better than yours), it’s a popularity contest as well. Being the most popular WINS. A quick tip is to remember the 6 Cs: Credibility, Consent, Content, Conversation, Community and Creativity. Make sure these are the foundations of all your marketing campaigns.

Twitter: Being Remarkable isn’t just about talent. It’s a popularity contest as well. Ur marketing has 2 make u the most popular brand #BeRemarkable

10: Devote yourself to the cause

Most brands that have not clearly articulated their WHY have an apathetic approach to their category. They do the minimal amount of work and expect the biggest returns. Remarkable brands on the other hand do everything they can to over commit to their cause. They create unique languages, invent new words, write books, build communities, stage events, create industry bodies. In short, they go that extra mile to add authenticity and credibility to their brand story.

Twitter: 2b Remarkable u need to overcommit to your cause & category. You need to go that extra mile and do what nobody else is doing. #BeRemarkable

11: Create contagious customer experiences


The biggest difference between good companies and Remarkable companies is that in most cases your customers are more than just numbers on a CRM system. You have WON them over not just because of what you sell but also because of what you believe. You have connected with them in that magical limbic part of the brain where emotions rule. Your opportunity is to make your bond so strong that they want to share everything about you with their friends and peers. They are the endorsers of your brand. Equip them with the tools to make sure you win the popularity contest.

Twitter: Remarkable brands have fans not just customers. They connect emotionally. Fans will spread the word and share your story #BeRemarkable

12: Be insane about innovation

Being Remarkable is about attitude and conviction. Any brand that sets out on this journey – often the path of most resistance – will always struggle to keep reaching and raising the bar. Because, like it or not, you have to keep pushing yourself to be Remarkable every day. That means creating systems, tools and agile processes within your business that allow those insane and crazy ideas to come to life. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Twitter: Remarkable brands follow the path of most resistance. It’s not an easy path. You have to be insane about innovation to win #BeRemarkable

13: Harness your momentum

You won’t find it on a balance sheet, but momentum is one of the most valuable assets any business can have. Its hallmarks are confidence, energy, ambition, innovation and a burning desire to tear up the rulebook and do things differently. Remarkable companies recognise its power and make a conscious effort to manage and manipulate it in a structured way. Rather than momentum being something that happens to you, make it something that happens for you. 

Twitter: Remarkable brands have momentum. You won’t find it on a balance sheet. It needs measuring and nurturing. Put it to work for u #BeRemarkable

14: Fall in love with change

Change is your greatest friend and the thing that most big companies hate. Make sure your relationship with change is positive, powerful and embracing. Push the boundaries, innovate, disrupt. Hunt down conventions like they are criminals. Always be on the look out for the unobvious and the unusual. And while some of these strategies are hardly new, what is new is the extent to which their effects can be amplified via word-of-mouse and across social networks into forces that can overturn market conventions and reconfigure customer ideas and expectations.

Twitter: Remarkable brands are best buddies with Change. They make it work for them rather than let is wash over them #BeRemarkable

15: Use fear to make you stronger

Don’t knock fear. Fear is here to liberate you. Fear is here to keep you on your toes. Fear is here to make you doubt, question and re-imagine.

Twitter: Remarkable brands are liberated by fear. It helps them doubt, question and re-imagine everything. Be afraid! #BeRemarkable

16: Spread the word

Remarkable brands recognise the potent and irresistible power of Contagion. Encourage it. Harness it. Direct it. Exploit it.

Twitter: Remarkable brands know how 2 spread their story. They have the ability 2 use Contagion as a marketing weapon. Spread da word #BeRemarkable

17: Be a Hero

Self-trust is the essence of heroism. Self-trust leads the great innovators to upset the apple cart of convention

Twitter: Remarkable brands trust themselves to be heroic. To defy convention. They find themselves a Dragon and slay it #BeRemarkable

18: Be Assertive

Is assertion the secret of success? Science tells us it may be so. When we succeed our bodies flood with testosterone. We become more focused. More competitive. More effective.

Twitter: Remarkable people succeed for many reasons. Being assertive is 1 of them. Winners lead. Assertion leads to trust #BeRemarkable

19: Love yourself

If you can’t love yourself how on earth do you expect others to love you? Lose any trace of false modesty. Identify, embrace and nurture everything that makes you unique.

Twitter: If you can’t love yourself how on earth do you expect others to love you? Lose any trace of false modesty. Be u and be proud #BeRemarkable

20: Energise everything around you

Everything is energy. Everything changes. Everything is in flux and in motion. This is the unalterable truth of existence. Stillness is death. Motion is life. Without energy you are nothing. With it, you can achieve anything. Amen brother.

Twitter: Everything is energy. Remarkable brands and people have it in abundance. With it, you can achieve anything #BeRemarkable

 21: Don’t stand still. Stand out

Everybody understands the necessity of standing out in the marketplace. But do they understand how to go about it? Because it’s more than having a unique product or distinctive visual identity. It’s about motivating people or to use a trendy new term ‘Social branding’. Harnessing the intellectual and creative energies of your staff and customers alike. Directing them in ways that will revolutionise your company’s productivity, efficiency and success. Letting people’s natural instincts for collaboration and co-operation define your brand from the inside out.

Twitter: Standing out from the crowd is far more than just a killer visual identity. Remarkable brands trust their employees to help #BeRemarkable

22: Don’t try and be the biggest brand on the planet 

I am not trying to disillusion you. It’s an open letter to every brand you thought might see themselves as the No.1. That includes you Apple, Google and Facebook. The biggest brand in the world isn’t a company, or a nation or even a religion. You already know what the biggest brand in the world is. It’s you. It’s me. It’s him. It’s her. It’s every single one of us. All those other brands? They’re just there to serve us.

Twitter: The biggest brand in the world isn’t Apple. It’s you. It’s me. All those other brands? They’re just there to serve us #BeRemarkable

23: Crack the hard nuts

You know the type. Arms folded. Seen it done it. Hard to impress. Impossible to fool. Tough cookies. Bullshit detector on 11. These are the people you really have to impress. You may not like them, but you need them. You may even learn to love them. Where to find them? They are closer than you think. Try looking in the mirror. If you’re lucky that’s where you’ll find the toughest one of all.

Twitter: Crack the hard nuts not the soft ones. U know the type. Arms folded. Hard to impress. Tough cookies. Bullshit detector on 11. #BeRemarkable

24: Make being an underdog your strength

Underdogs win when they break the rules. So don’t fight toe-to-toe with better resourced competitors. Change the playing field. Be unconventional. The meek shall inherit the earth.

Twitter: Fact. Underdogs WIN when they break the rules. If you’re out gunned by a bigger competitor outwit them. Change the field #BeRemarkable

 25: Only be Remarkable 70% of the time

The rest of the time, you’re allowed to be in bed. You don’t need to be Remarkable there. But if you are, it probably won’t do you any harm.

Twitter: U only have to be Remarkable 70% of the time. The rest of it u can be in bed. U don’t have 2 b Remarkable there, but it helps #BeRemarkable

26: Be fu*king interesting

The world is full of people who have the ‘right’ answers to questions. But the world only listens to people who have the interesting ones. Being ‘rational’ and ‘professional’ just isn’t enough. And if your brand wears more colourful clothes remember this; looks aren’t everything. And everybody knows it. Make sure your conversation is rich, relevant and lively. And most of all true.

Twitter: Lots of people have the right answers to questions. But the world only listens to people who have interesting ones #BeRemarkable

27: Stop being Good

VHS was good. Record stores were good. Horses looked pretty good to people on foot. MySpace was good. That’s the thing about good. Sometimes, it’s just not good enough.

Twitter: VHS was good. Record stores were good. MySpace was good. That’s the thing about good. Sometimes, it’s just not good enough #BeRemarkable

28: Don’t complicate things

Be relevant. Be useful. Be available. Be helpful. Be interesting. Be different. Be true. Don’t talk shit or throw stones. There you go. You know what’s really surprising? How difficult it is to be all those things.

Twitter: Be relevant. Be useful. Be available. Be helpful. Be interesting. Be different. Be true. Don’t talk shit or throw stones #BeRemarkable

29: Crash people and ideas together

Somebody once asked Johnny Rotten why he wrote songs as hateful and angry as ‘God Save The Queen’. It was a stupid question when you listen to his answer. “I didn’t write that song because I hate the British people. I wrote it because I love them – and was sick of them being mistreated.” He may have looked like a punk but he had the soul of a preacher. If we crash opposing people and ideas together, Remarkable things can happen. Sit a housewife down with a politician. A CEO with a security guard. Sparks will fly. But sparks illuminate. And sometimes they start fires that light the way.

Twitter: If you crash opposing people together sparks fly. Sparks illuminate and if you’re lucky they start fires that light the way #BeRemarkable

30: Think like a 7 year old

Matisse and Picasso were both obsessed with seeing the world through the eyes of a child. They never stopped striving for that freshness of vision. That originality of perspective. That innocence. That natural simplicity and endless curiosity. The world won’t be forgetting Picasso and Matisse anytime soon. And no one would call them childish. It’s about the difference between old eyes and fresh eyes.

Twitter: Take a look at your brand through the eyes of a child, what can you learn? If it worked for Picasso it can work for you #BeRemarkable

31: Use your culture as weapon

Ask business owners to draw up a list of their assets and you know what’s going to be on it. Stock. Equipment. Infrastructure. Ask the enlightened ones and they might add people. But what makes a person an asset? It’s their beliefs, their knowledge, their motivations and skills. Their behaviour, towards each other and crucially your customers. How do you quantify this? How do you put a price on attitude? You can’t. But those beliefs and behaviours add up to one of your most priceless assets. The culture of your business.

Twitter: Your culture is a huge asset. You won’t find it on your balance sheet but make sure you value it above all other things #BeRemarkable

32: Don’t love your products. Love your customers

We all get very attached to our ideas. We all love the products that we create. They’re our babies. We love and nurture them like people. But here’s the hard truth. They are not people. They’re just products. Your customers are people. They’re the ones that need nurturing. So don’t get precious about your products, get precious about your customers.

Twitter: Remarkable brands don’t love their products, they love their customers. #BeRemarkable

33: Don’t focus on selling

Selling. An idea that walked the earth unchallenged for eons. Rather like the dinosaurs. But the dinosaur of selling is on its last legs. It’s been wiped out by the asteroids of persuasion and participation. And out of the smoking ruins of selling, some smarter little critters are emerging. Peer groups. Friends. Communities. Affinity groups. The evolution of selling into something smaller and better adapted to the world we live in. Occasionally, a massive old campaignasaurus may lumber past. Belching and roaring. But the little guys always see it coming. And they just cover their ears until it’s all over. Then when the commotion is over they get back to business.

Twitter: Selling is dead. It’s evolved into something smarter. Earn your customers attention, don’t just buy it #BeRemarkable

 34: Hang out with amazing people

We all need to be inspired. So make an effort to surround yourself with the types of people and talent that gets you all fired up. Don’t expect them to come and find you, that would be too easy. Actively pursue them. They become the sparks to start new fires.

Twitter: It’s time 2 hang out with some amazing people. Get inspired. Get fired up. Don’t expect these people 2 find u, that’s ur job #BeRemarkable

35: Go on a demonstration

Why do people take to the streets? Because they’re pissed off. Because they want to change things. You will find more passion, commitment and balls in a street demo that you will in a thousand company boardrooms. So let them inspire you. Even better let them test you. If you took your company out on the streets to demand change, what would you write on your placards? And why would anyone care?

Twitter: You will find more passion, commitment and balls in a street demo than u will in 1000  boardrooms. So let them inspire you #BeRemarkable

36: Be a hedgehog

I love Jim Collins. He wrote a book called ‘Good To Great’, but you knew that right. There is a neat idea in the book. He calls it ‘hedgehogging’. It boils down to asking yourself three deceptively simple questions:

1: What can you be the best in the world at?

2: What are you passionate about?

3: What are the economic indicators that guide your business?

Answer these questions and you’ll be heading someplace interesting. Someplace that definitely won’t be middle of the road. Which lets face it, is a place no smart hedgehog wants to be.

Twitter: Be the best in the world. Be passionate. Measure your Mojo. This will deffo take you to an interesting place.  Collins says so! #BeRemarkable

37: Pay it forward

Remarkable brands have a habit that allows them to distinguish brilliant ideas that have no hard commercial return, but are good for business in the long run. These types of ideas based on the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’ give a real sense of authenticity to the brand. It says “we’re not in this for profit alone”, “we believe in something bigger”. So next time you want to start a revolution don’t try and charge for it.  

Twitter: Remarkable brands do things for FREE that other brands wouldn’t dream of. ‘Paying it forward’ creates trust & credibility #BeRemarkable

38:  Don’t fake your Reputation

Time poor customers are drawing on the ethics, integrity, honesty and transparency by which a brand fashions its place in a particular category in order to shortcut or reinforce decision-making.

The problem explodes when you realize that 90% of the companies on the planet are trying to hide things from their customers. They have a ‘manufactured’ attitude to corporate reputation not a ‘home made’ one. They are more focused on making a profit and hitting targets than building an unbreakable bridge between themselves and their customers.

Remarkable brands on the other hand are open and transparent about everything. Their daily focus is always about improving what they do and creating more and more value for their customers. They are believable and credible and act in the best interest of their customers 99% of the time.

If you are genuinely doing the right things by your customers and your category, nobody is going to hang you for it. That’s true reputation. Not the manufactured version that is so popular today.

Twitter: Remarkable brands don’t fake things. They earn respect by being true to their purpose.  Their reputation isn’t for Sale – at any price #BeRemarkable

39: Keep it simple

Remarkable brands have an intuition to use simplicity as a way to win hearts and minds. They have the ability to filter quickly and cut through the crap. Maybe this is because new ideas and new ways of doing things require brands to make their position, their cause and their approach simple to understand. Whatever the reason, in such a complex world, simplicity of ideas and execution WINS.

Twitter: Remarkable brands use simplicity of ideas & execution 2 win hearts and minds. They quickly filter the crap so u don’t have 2 #BeRemarkable

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