There are 3 primary forces that you need to harness in order to create a successful and sustainable business:

My simple philosophy on life and business can be summed up as such:

Feel good / Do good / Make money

  1. The energy that is created when your employees and customers feel good about what you do.
  2. The energy that is created when you do good things that impact on society and the planet.
  3. The energy that is created when you make money and prove that the products and services you sell are useful and relevant.

In many organizations these irresistible forces operate in natural silos.

HR focus on internal communications and employee engagement. CSR and Sustainability Directors focus on positive social and environmental change. And Marketing drive the brand and outbound activity in order to generate sales.

However, the energy that is created when these three forces combine, bound by a strong sense of purpose can literally be remarkable.

Sparks fly, fireworks ignite and magic happens.

This ‘Zone of Betterment” fuels creative ideas that can deliver a disproportionate economic and social return.