When I entered the advertising and marketing profession back in 1995, I was excited and passionate about trying to make my mark in an industry that stood out for its creativity, imagination and problem solving.

I wasn’t just entering any old profession; I was entering one with intelligence, craft, flair and excitement.

I was 22 years old and I was going to be f*ucking awesome!!

Nearly 20 years later, I’m deeply ashamed of the dark underbelly of our profession, the one that has replaced the skill and professionalism with a ‘Fast food’ style approach to advertising and marketing.

The overwhelming desire to simply ‘get stuff out’, usually shit stuff has never been greater.

Crap content, crap imagery, crap headlines, crap media, crap production, crap tweets, crap sales follow up, crap retail experiences…you get the picture.

The need to get things into market seems to super seed the quality and craft that is required to do it well.

Does ‘Fast food’ marketing really work?

Some of it must do, otherwise it wouldn’t be so commonplace. My gut fear is that in these recessionary times, clients lack ambition as well as budget and therefore a ‘fast food’ style approach supports the general apathy of the economy.

The longer it continues then the harder it will be for advertising and marketing to re-establish itself as a strategic game-changer. The worse case scenario is that it just becomes ‘sales in disguise’ – that frightens me to the core.

Maybe at 42 I’m just a doddering old fart. But what about agency folk and clients uniting around a belief that triple digit commercial returns are achieved by investing in compelling content, captivating imagery, intriguing headlines, relevant media, first-class production, informative tweets, engaging sales follow up and retail experiences that you want to share with your friends.

I’m not so naïve as to believe that the best marketers and agencies can only achieve the best marketing.

Young talent, leftfield thinking often comes from the most unlikely places. But I do believe that clients need to invest more in finding the agencies with the right balance of ‘get stuff done quick’ as well as taking the time to think strategically and carefully craft critical brand and sales communications.

So, what’s my point?

Stop doing shit stuff, stop adding more noise to the sea of noise. Stop accepting average creative from your agencies, stop doing stuff just for the sake of it. Stop accepting logical and rational arguments as the only way to sell your products or services. Stop doing marketing that ticks the boxes.

Do something Remarkable!

I’m begging you :)