Think not what your product does but how your brand can become a part of people’s lives.

1). If you sell Pet insurance, how do you turn it from an annoying necessity  into a ‘feel good’ experience?

2). If you sell Bubble bath, how do you turn it from soap & suds into a cultural movement?

3). If you sell Printers, how do you turn it from a paper spitting machine into a platform for family fun?

4). If you sell Broadband, how do you turn it from a boring old pipe into a gateway to amazing experiences?

5). If you sell Datacenters, how do you turn them from racks of boring old servers into intelligence centers that generate cash?

Whatever you have to sell, thinking simply about the form and function of your product, will never inspire the masses to adopt it.

In order to make your brand a part of peoples live you need to think in radically different ways.

You need to take your core product and wrap around it a useful, inspiring and engaging set of ideas and services that turn your core product into something remarkable, something unique, something worth talking about, something worth sharing.

And what you’ll find through this process is that you begin to start earning the attention of your target audience rather than having to buy it.

Orange is far more than just a mobile operator. Animal Friends is far more than just a pet insurance company. Zappos is far more than just an online retailer. Brew Dog is far more than just a brewery.

In this socially connected world, the power of earning attention is the gateway to untold riches.

For those brands that have a remarkable story (Animal Friends, Innocent, Zappos), the fans, followers, customers and advocates control the sharing of this. Not a bad thing if you haven’t got gazillions to spend on traditional advertising.

Final thought

Don’t get lost on your brand journey by thinking social media is the answer. Think first about transforming your brand into something amazing and then let the social landscape become your playground.