The 6 seconds revolution… 

Twitter has recently launched a brand new shiny app called Vine, “that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos” – think of it as “Instagram with video”.

What I like about Vine is that in essence it’s a creative platform that B2B brands can embrace in a multitude of ways – but more about that later.

What the team at Twitter has cleverly done is kick-start the ‘6 seconds revolution’ i.e. Vine lets you make and share six-second video clips. The app (only iOS for the moment) is heavily influenced by the renaissance of the animated gif. You aren’t going to be making BAFTA movies with these, or even any sort of narrative video clip at all —it’s purely for sharing “moments”.

Conceptually, there is nothing new about Vine; forerunners included Cinegram and Kinoptic. However because it has the backing of Twitter as well as some neat design and product features it certainly has the best chance of sitting alongside Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as the fourth major social network.

So how is it relevant for B2B marketing?

Firstly, most of the cool stuff you will see on Vine is B2C driven (and a lot of porn) but don’t let that put you off, use this as your inspiration. Vine is really a creative platform for everyone. What B2B brands and their agencies need to do is get smart about trying to tell complex stories in short and interesting ways. Dom Hofmann, Vine’s co-founder, even stated, “We believe that constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140-character Tweet or a six-second video”.

Here is my round up of the kind of things you can be experimenting with:

1: Trailers: Create short and interesting 6 second trailers for your other types of content i.e. research pieces, product demonstrations, case studies, infographics, interviews etc. Remember, it’s not just the video element you are creating, you also get to post comments and use hash tags to further fuel the story you are trying to tell.

2: Event promotion: Create a series of 6 second sketches that sell your event i.e. mini interviews with key speakers, early-bird discounts, stand freebies offers or just capture the buzz and ambience of your event so people know what they are missing!

3: Questions: It’s not just about broadcasting stuff; why not use Vine to ask a question to your prospects, customers or staff?

4: Body language: The great thing about video is that it allows you to project things like the body language of your brand. Grab snippets off the atmosphere in your office or any fun things you are doing like Movember, Charity bike rides and so forth. Create one-word testimonials from your employees or even better your customers.

5: Demos: Whether you sell office stationary or complex IT systems, you can use Vine to create ‘hero’ snippets of new/key features on your products.

6: Empowerment: Your employees are always a great source of original and authentic content as well as being a great way to show the true personality of your company. Vine can be a great tool for sales people, customer services and engineers alike to record ”moments” of their day that reflect positively on the company.

It’s obviously early days yet and the jury is out on whether Vine Tweets deliver better engagement than normal Twitter activity, but once the hype settles and B2B brands and their agencies find their feet I honestly believe Vine will be a very powerful marketing tool.

Until then, have a play, experiment and publish a few things.

The Revolution has started.

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