It’s been 3 years since I started my small crusade to challenge corporations and brands to STOP creating CRAP and strive to be REMARKABLE. On my journey i’ve connected with hundreds of interesting people and heard many inspiring stories.

It’s reassuring to know that some of the most respected and visionary brands like Nike, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Unilever and Google have already woken up to this emerging trend. Thousands of other ‘unsung hero brands’ are doing the same.

These brands are showing the dinosaur corporations that a more compassionate and constructive Capitalist model can lead to increased profitability and sector dominance.

They are pursuing a strategy of ‘profits with purpose’ and their disruptive thinking is of benefit to us all and the future generations that are set to inherit what we leave behind.

The question every CEO and CMO should be asking right now is: how do we become the most REMARKABLE brand in our category?

Being REMARKABLE at what you do (whether you sell shoes, coffee, software or insurance) isn’t just some cool and trendy positioning, it’s a commitment and a promise to take a stand on the side of what’s right.

In this complex, socially powered era your customers and employees are your watchdog and your conscience. They see the world through a lens that also needs to be your lens.

Transparency across every aspect of business from your supply chain to product design, marketing and customer service is now achievable. Technology gives us that edge but the motivation to go out there and put customers, communities, society, the planet and humanity itself at the heart of business is still a quiet revolution.

The challenges

  • How do we do more with less resources?
  • How do we create more real or ‘thick value”?
  • How do we thinking holistically about what we can achieve as brands beyond the functional aspects of our products and services?
  • How do we create a culture that is brave, committed and truthful?
  • How do we continue to make profits?
 The reality

What we understand as ‘traditional advertising’ has evolved into a complex and powerful cocktail of not just what we say and project as a brand but more about the actions and behaviours that are delivered on a daily basis. Advertising today is customer service, brand experiences, packaging…it’s what we do at every touchpoint and the moments between those touch points. This is where the TRUTH lies.

Managing this TRUTH GAP is the biggest challenge facing every brand on the planet i.e. the difference between your publicly stated mission/purpose and your ability to execute that in the eyes of your customers and employees.

Brands that do his will win, those that don’t will fail.

So STOP measuring things like brand awareness and brand preference and all those archaic variables and START measuring the ONLY thing that matters. The TRUTH!


* For more on this subject you can download a copy of my book “In Remarkable we trust” via the iTunes/iBook store.