Your story is your hero, not your product.

As the world keeps spinning faster and faster and life gets ever more complex we are constantly looking for ways to bring a sense of calm to the craziness of our everyday lives. As business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs we need to balance:

  • The need to sell with the need to engage.
  • The need to broadcast with the need to personalise.
  • The need to create bad profits with the need to create good profits.

More than ever we need to find a balance with the complex products and services we create with an elegant simplicity that creates cut through in our marketing communications.

It never surprises me in my role as a business and marketing consultant how complicated clients make their own internal articulation of the value they deliver through the products and services they sell. The internal rigour that goes into the creation of multi-tiered value propositions, audience messaging and multi-channel execution is staggering. Yet, what is missing is often a simple story telling platform on which everything else can make sense.

Everything starts with your story.

One of the truths of the modern business world is that differentiation at a product level is an extremely tough challenge for all but the out-and-out innovators in every market sector.  New battlegrounds have emerged around customer service, the customer experience and now around trust, social purpose and compassion.

Today, some of the smartest brands are completely re-thinking the old product-centric mentality and recalibrating their entire go-to-market strategy around a story.

One great example is Fairphone ( The Fairphone story is meaningful and captivating.  Starting out as a social enterprise in 2010, their mission was to raise awareness of conflict minerals in consumer electronics and the wars that the sourcing of these minerals was fueling in the DR Congo.

In 2013, the team decided to embark on a galactic vision to design, create and produce a next generation Smartphone and to use the story behind the ethical and responsible sourcing, production, distribution and recycling of the components to create a stand out challenger brand to Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

This is not about technology or product marketing, this is a story with a purpose; and guess what ‘we want it’. Why would 15,000 people pre-order a phone that doesn’t exist from a company that has never made a phone before? But we did.

Launched in Nov 2013, Fairphone sold their initial batch of 25,000 Smartphone’s within the month!!

If finding a true and engaging story for your company is something you believe could accelerate your growth then feel free to get in touch.

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