I’m currently researching my next book called SOUL BRANDS.

It’s about connecting PEOPLE + PROFITS + PLANET.

Brands that achieve this all start by having a clearly defined sense of PURPOSE.

Maybe you can help?

I’m keen to find inspiring business leaders, brands and organisations that have already started this journey and can help me understand the strategies, ideas, challenges and pitfalls that characterised their journey.

As well as the obvious global giants pushing this agenda, there are thousands of unsung hero’s out there. Your story is just as important. Where are you, who are you, what makes you special, why should anyone care?


The recent economic meltdown isn’t just another blip in the boom and bust cycle of business. It’s the death nail in the abusive Capitalist business model that has become so mainstream in the past 30 years.

What is emerging from the ashes of this broken Capitalist model is a new form of Capitalism; one that is more compassionate, caring, value driven and respectful.

Business leaders in industries as varied as retail to technology are seeking to re-engineer the keystones of their old business model and make themselves fit and ready for the next 30 years.

The predominant school of thinking that sparks this re-casting of ideas is around the concept of business as “a force for good”.

Global retailers like M&S, Walmart, Starbucks and Nike have already started their journey with great success.

These companies are authentically and transparently trying to connect people, profits and planet in order to create:

  1. Greater levels of business performance/profitability
  2. Higher levels of engagement and participation amongst employees, customers and business partners
  3. Increased levels of sustainability

These companies who are pursuing this focus on “profits with purpose” are what I refer to as SOUL BRANDS i.e. they connect on an emotional and spiritual level with all their stakeholders in order to create value that benefits society and the planet as a whole.

If you can help, please get in touch via email (paulcash@otmcreate.com) or twitter (@zagology).

You can see my first book “In remarkable we trust” here.