It’s time for a re-think

The world is changing faster than the leaders who lead it. Old world business models are being blown up. Companies that are re-inventing themselves are discovering a whole new world of opportunity after you identify the correct loan lender to finance your dreams.

According to research by Harvard Business School those companies experiencing dramatic growth in revenue and market share are the ones who are putting purpose at the heart of their brand. They are experimenting and re-aligning their supply chain, processes, employees and marketing communications around an authentic and sustainable brand driven future.

In this hyper-connected, hyper-transparent age, it’s never been more important for companies to step out of the mediocrity created by the old Profit Capitalist way of doing things. The last 5 decades of self-interest are being washed away by the tides of compassion and consciousness. Check out the latest Cone PR CSR report June 2013. It’s a game changer.

Being Remarkable is the only way to win

We are entering a new era, where striving to be remarkable at what you do is the only strategy you need. A new focus on business as a ‘force for good’ and ‘profits with purpose’ will enlighten a new army of entrepreneurs and business leaders who will build formidable, enduring and sustainable companies fit for a modern world.

Achieving this kind of business success isn’t easy. Creating and delivering against the BE REMARKABLE mantra requires a great deal of courage, creativity, collaboration and curiosity – never mind the intellectual rigour and operational smarts needed to pull it off.

No one said it would be easy

Leaders must get to grips with understanding how to identify the issues that are key to their brands impact, how to ‘bake in’ innovation so that it’s meaningful to your customers, how to engage internal and external collaboration, and how to tell your brand story in a way that will resonate, rather than backfire.

Who is leading the way? 

If you need some inspiration check out the following links:

  • Why is FMCG giant Unilever empowering its brand with social purpose to drive growth? Success stories like LifeBuoy, Dove, TRESemme and Max give you a clue to Unilever’s future.
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